今年 has challenged our community, 无论在场上还是场外, 但, 作为一个dafa大发体育, we've aimed to do everything in our power to continue fostering connections and give back during these unprecedented times. The moments that captivated us in 2020 had us feeling gratitude, inspiration, and surprise. Let's take a look back at our favorite moments in the community from this past year.


2020 Year In Review | Top 社区 Moments - http://colorado-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/images/DSCF0443.JPG
2020 Year In Review | Top 社区 Moments - http://colorado-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/images/DSCF0625.JPG

由于COVID-19, many high school graduations around the state were canceled, so we decided to bring the graduation celebrations to the students' own backyards. RapidMan paid special visits to local seniors, bringing gifts and all the makings of a mini graduation ceremony. We were happy to bring a little bit of surprise joy to students in the face of the unexpected challenges 2020 brought them.

Announcing the 2020 特殊奥林匹克运动会 Unified Team

This season marked the ninth consecutive year where the 科罗拉多急流 and 特殊奥林匹克运动会 科罗拉多州 have partnered to form a team. 统一的团队, which is made up of players both with and without intellectual disabilities between the ages of 16 and 25, are students from Smoky Hill High School in Aurora. Although this season looked a little different this year, the athletes were able to compete in a 'Unified We Play' competition. This featured five weeks of virtual soccer with seven 大发体育 clubs participating alongside the Rapids: 亚特兰大 曼联, 休斯顿迪纳摩, 新英格兰革命, NYCFC, 纽约红牛队, 真正的盐湖 and Sporting Kansas City. The competition was designed to provide a fun, inclusive and unique competition for 大发体育 Unified Teams, who traditionally travel for matches inside 大发体育 stadiums.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Andre Shinyashiki surprised six teachers with a $250 gift card to put toward classroom supplies in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Each teacher was nominated by their school principal for their hard work and dedication to their student’s education throughout the year - and especially during quarantine. We were so proud to give a little bit of gratitude to those that were coming up with new, creative ways to continue to work with and educate children across the state. Click here to read the incredible stories of these teachers, and their hard work throughout this entire year.

特殊奥林匹克运动会 Athlete Unveils 2020 Kit 

2020 Year In Review | Top 社区 Moments -

特殊奥林匹克运动会 athlete 苏格兰狗 Stephens de但ed the Nine Six Kit at the FORWARD25 Jersey Celebration in New York City on February 5, 2020, which was focused on embracing and connecting the past, present and future in honor of the 25th anniversary of 大发体育. Each club selected a model to showcase its jersey on stage, and the Rapids were proud to have 苏格兰狗 Stephens wear the new uniform for the public for the first time. 苏格兰狗, 科罗拉多州本地, is a forward on the 科罗拉多急流 特殊奥林匹克运动会 Unified Team and is very active in the 特殊奥林匹克运动会 community. He is an avid Rapids supporter and also plays basketball and football for 特殊奥林匹克运动会 科罗拉多州. His dedication to the game has been an inspiration for the club. His passion for all that he does, his focus on teamwork and his love for the state of 科罗拉多州 made him the perfect ambassador to kick off our 2020 season. 

Click here to get an inside look on his day in the Big Apple. 

Nurse Appreciation Week

Arguably one of the most memorable moments of the year was when we had the opportunity to show our appreciation for nurses around Denver. 今年, 比以往任何时候都更, we wanted to show our gratitude for the nurses on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the week of May 6-12, RapidMan delivered handwritten letters and flowers from Rapids staff to nurses at both Swedish Medical Center and the Medical Center of Aurora in honor of Nurses Appreciation Week.